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U of ADHD: 14 College Hacks for Neurodivergent Students

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The transition to college is really exciting — and really anxiety-provoking. Academic expectations and demands on executive functions both spike as teens begin to independently steer all sorts of new responsibilities — from laundry to shopping for shampoo.

Without a parental safety net, life can feel overwhelming.After helping countless college students with ADHD compensate for weak executive functioning, I’ve discovered a host of hacks that reliably help neurodivergent undergrads navigate new challenges, both big and small.

Here are some of my favorites.[Read: How to Succeed in College with ADHD – Evidence-Based Strategies That Work][Read: ADHD Minds Are Trapped in Now (& Other Time Management Truths)]CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF ADDITUDE Since 1998, ADDitude has worked to provide ADHD education and guidance through webinars, newsletters, community engagement, and its groundbreaking magazine.

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