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When Hobbies Turn Into Obsessions: Diaries of ADHD Hyperfocus

adults with ADHD, and the fleeting diversions that steal our time and money.“I have probably spent thousands of dollars over the years on hobbies. I have an unopened, brand-new sewing machine, not to mention the craft-cutting machine, paints, and beads. Scrapbooking led me to buy two expensive cameras with lenses, and I paid for a website over a year ago that I haven’t used.

I get so many ideas when I am shopping but then I find them in a box months later. Sometimes I don’t even remember why I bought the supplies.” – Bonnie“I tend to be all or nothing, especially with sports.

I did bodybuilding for 4 years, training 5 to 6 days a week, but once I competed in a competition, I lost interest. I did martial arts for the next 20 years: there was

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