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Here’s Why Productivity Hacks Don’t Work

How many times have you eagerly tried out a new productivity hack or tool and not gotten the result you expected? There is wealth of information available to us giving us everything we need to know to increase our productivity, but most people live their life in chaos.  Why do still see so many people struggling to manage their time and simply not able to get the results they desire?  What is missing?Over the last 10 years of working in productivity and helping entrepreneurs to be more productive, the answer started to become very obvious. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do, everyone has the same challenge at the end of the day.Let’s say you want to increase your productivity and you want to get more done in the day, you feel disorganized, and you are not on top of everything you must do.

You start to read a few articles, watch some videos on tips and tools, and you decide you are going to start by hacking your calendar first. You know that you are very reactive in the day, and you don’t plan your time well, so this is a good start.You pull out your calendar and start to batch certain tasks together, like making time for emails and phone calls 3 times a day, you also batch tasks that take less than 5 minutes to complete for the afternoon and schedule in breaks and travel time.  You then block off time to do the most demanding tasks in the morning when you are most focused.  You are excited to try it out and you already feel more in control and clearer on how you will get everything done. The next day comes, and you sit behind your laptop and pull out your calendar to start the day.  You scheduled to start with a deep focused task, and you would only check your email after completing the report you have been

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