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Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been stories all over the media about higher weight people being at higher risk for COVID-related complications. Now vaccine rollout plans are being created and in many places in the U.S., including New York and California, higher weight people are being prioritized along with other high-risk groups for vaccination.
I can’t pretend to be a football fan, but unfortunately, for me, there’s no getting away from the Super Bowl. And even though I’m not a football fan, criteria for being a Western New Yorker involves a healthy hatred for Tom Brady. So, last Sunday I was a Kansas City fan.

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Like many people, I’ve been highly anxious since COVID-19 changed our world, nervous that my husband or I, or one of my loved ones would contract it. I’ve been especially worried about my 46-year old brother and only sibling, Pete, who has Down syndrome. I knew if he got COVID, it would likely be a severe case — he’s immunocompromised and has a history of bronchitis, pneumonia and lung issues.
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COVID-19 was first detected in China in 2019. Since then, this pandemic has reached almost every country in the world and has led to a dramatic loss of life. Despite the recent successful development of several COVID-19 vaccines, coronavirus continues to present a challenge to public health.
“Reflection is an important human activity in which people recapture their experience, think about it, mull it over and evaluate it. It is this working with experience that is important in learning.”—David Boud There are many terms for the practice, all of which are derived from the writings of early philosophers, among the likes of the Chinese philosopher Confucius and Greek philosopher Socrates.You see, early philosophers discovered their ability to become self-aware of the mind’s thinking processes, and thanks to them, you too are going to discover your own hidden abilities.

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