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Wall Pilates: The Low-Impact Workout Everyone Is Obsessed With

become a Pilates girl from home, TikTokers stan the new version of the workout (the 6.6 billion views say it all) that you don’t want to sleep on. Enter: Wall Pilates, FitTok’s latest obsession.Forget any large, expensive equipment—all you need is that bare wall you’ve been meaning to dress up in order to work up a sweat.

The best part? It won’t make a dent in your wallet. Whether you use it as added support or a way to level up your mat practice, consider the four walls in your home office or living room the only accessory you need to get your Pilates on.

Let’s dive into what Wall Pilates is and six no-equipment-necessary workouts that’ll leave you feeling better and stronger.  If you’ve gotten a taste of any form of Pilates, you’ve likely powered through glute bridges and the classic Pilates move that is the hundred. Well, replace the ball, band, or reformer machine with a wall as your prop to perform the exercises, and voila, you’re a Wall Pilates girlie.

Translation: Wall Pilates is a variation of mat Pilates that entails pressing one or more body parts (mainly your feet) against a wall while you carry out movements like the hundred, wall squats, or plank. The wall is there to not only provide balance and stability, but also add resistance.

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