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The Spoken Joys and Silent Worries of Parenting a Nonverbal Child With Autism

I talk a lot about being positive. To be honest, though, I’m not entirely sure what that means. I know that it’s about finding bright sides and silver linings with an upbeat attitude. In that sense, it is something I embrace.

People hear my words, especially as it pertains to my nonverbal son with autism, and remark about how much positivity he and I share. The truth is, I definitely had to work my way up to certain understandings. When Lucas was still a baby, struggling to reach all the milestones the thick books said he should, I battled a silent, yet constant, inner fear. My head swirled with “what ifs” for his life and concerns about the judgments passed by those around me for his differences. Every confused stare from a family member

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