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This New Film Highlights the Joys and Challenges of Young Adulthood With Down Syndrome

Disability self-advocates are not fond of the word “special.” That word has been code for segregation, low expectations, stereotypes, de-humanization and so much more. So when I saw the title of the film “Especial,” which recently played at the ReelAbilities Film Festival NYC, I was hesitant. Especial means special in Spanish. I almost pre-judged the film based on the title alone.

It did not take long to see that this film is exceptional in numerous ways. Through the magic of film, viewers are transported to Venezuela, focusing on the beauty of its people and culture, with the backdrop of a harder life than most Americans are used to. Yet with all the differences between the USA and Venezuela, the film reminds us over and over that we are

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I remember just being shy of 20-years-old when a counselor at the counseling center of my university asked me if I had ever considered myself a trauma survivor. Trauma? What was that? I had always thought the way I was raised was intended to instill in me resilience and independence. It is only now, about a decade after this first encounter in therapy, do I realize that what I experienced is a result of generational trauma that my family and my other immigrant families, experienced in their country of origin and new countries as well.
If you lived through the past year and a half, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that stress and anxiety are on the rise for the American people. And it’s not just because of a lingering global pandemic and political unrest, either. In reality, there has been a rapid increase in anxiety levels among […]

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