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Living With Bipolar and Paranoia During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Somebody put tall fake hedges next to the front door of our building. I walk in, and they look like people out of the corner of my eye. I got scared of zombies right around when the COVID-19 lockdowns started. I walked by the empty museums and parks, and I imagined them overrun with post-apocalyptic bandits. On March 13, I sat on my bed watching clips of “The Road,” gray wasteland and bunkers. When I sleep, I make sure to close all the doors to the bedroom. But I’m always scared of zombies, so I’m not being paranoid.

My psychiatrist and I met in that park four weeks ago, my first time seeing her in person in almost a year. Millennium Park was near-empty, fenced-off in lots of places. The huge, now-abandoned field where I once stood in line

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