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Dear Younger Me: There Is Freedom Past the Abuse

July 14, 2018

Today is the last day she will ever lay her hands on you.

You and her go hand in hand to be surrounded by friends just hours after it happened. You wipe away the tears and push down the idea her putting her hands on you wasn’t normal. You start to think you deserved it and just needed to be better next time. You promise yourself you won’t make that joke again because it upset her. You put on a smile and sit next to her, swallowing the trauma that occurred. You disassociate and force yourself to forget. You sit there, joking and laughing. You smile so forcefully for photos, clutching the woman who just left bruises on you. You go home with her later and comfort her while she cries about hitting you. She apologizes again and

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My grandmom and my dad died less than two months apart during my senior year of college. Grief in itself causes loneliness. All of a sudden your world is spun upside down and you’re left feeling like you’re holding onto the edge of a cliff. The worst part of this is the feelings that come when you experience such grief at a young age. At the time I was 21, and while some of my friends had experienced the loss of a grandparent or a pet, I wasn’t quite at the age where people could understand the pain of losing someone like your parent. I was left with friends who didn’t know how to comfort me or what to say. And how could I expect them to?

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