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Codependency in Friendships: Exploring the Signs

Codependency is a common but difficult trait to deal with in relationships. This can be true whether there are codependent elements that exist in a romantic relationship, a workplace environment, or even at a platonic level.

Perhaps because we assume troubled friendships aren’t as potentially damaging as romantic relationships can be, it may seem tempting to ignore or avoid problems when it comes to a codependent friendship — but doing so can be detrimental to both parties. A codependent friendship may seem harmless, and these relationships often go unnoticed or acknowledged until there’s simply no denying the harm the toxicity is causing. Learn more about what having, or being, a codependent friend can mean. It can be taxing emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Luckily, knowing more about the signs, causes, and how to overcome codependency can help you find peace, stability, and respect in your friendship. Codependency in friendship is characterized by an overly persistent reliance on one another. There will always be both taker and giver roles in a codependent friendship.

The taker may need emotional support from the giver, while the giver might, in turn, get a much-needed self-esteem boost or a feeling of importance from their role in the friendship.Ultimately, codependent relationships are unhealthy and toxic for both parties involved. Boundaries tend to be blurred in codependent friendships, and it’s common for both people to lose their sense of self as the friendship becomes more intertwined on all levels. While not all unhealthy relationships are codependent, there are some telltale signs that codependency might be something you’re dealing with.“Some signs of codependency in friendships include anxiety when the

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