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My Depression Playlist: What I Wish Could Be Said

For most of my life, music has been a coping mechanism. The sounds often soothe me, and the lyrics frequently give me the words to say what I’m feeling when I can’t articulate it myself. Sometimes the lyrics are what I need to hear, or what I wish someone would tell me. Music is like a friend, or a shoulder to cry on, or a hug on a bad day.

Over my many years of having depression, I’ve found songs along the way with words that help me immensely. These are those songs.

What I Wish I Could Say / What I Feel

These songs (and specific lyrics) are things I feel, or wish I could say about my depression.

1.”Three” by Sleeping At Last

Lyrics: “Maybe I’ve done enough / Finally catching up / For the first time I see an image of my brokenness / Utterly worthy of love.”

I don’t always feel like I’ve done enough, or like I am enough, but I hope that someday I’ll start to believe I’m worthy of love even while broken.

2. “Flags” by SYML

Lyrics: “I’m hurt, I’m hurt you didn’t know / That there’s no pretty way to tell you so / I’m tired, so tired I’m letting go” and “I’m hurt, not hurt enough to die / See I was born to raise, born to fight / I’m tired, not tired enough to sleep / So, devil on my chest, don’t sing with me / Take my breath, let me be.”

Sometimes I wish I could just tell the people in my life how much I’m hurting. It’s hard to talk about, and something as simple as “I’m hurt” is impossible to say.

3. “Float On” by Modest Mouse

Lyrics: “Well, we’ll float on, good news is on the way.”

4. “Lost” by Kodaline

Lyrics: “Take me away make it all better / If not for a day then maybe forever / Is it all in my head cause it’s getting harder.”

5. “The World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies

Lyrics: “I woke up and wished that I was dead.”

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