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Study Warns: Excessive Screen Time Links to Myopia in Young People

The Lancet Digital Health. ADVERTISEMENT Study authors poured over more than 3,000 studies investigating links between smart device use and myopia.

The age groups in the studies ranged from 3 months to 33 years old.After analyzing and calculating statistics from the studies, the authors came to a similar conclusion. They found that excessive screen time, such as staring at smartphones, can raise myopia risk by 30%.

When taking into account computer use, the risk increases to about 80%.With more children spending time at home during the pandemic, the research comes at a critical time. Millions of children have had to learn remotely due to school closures during the global pandemic.

In addition, children have likely spent more time on digital devices for entertainment purposes. With more parents working from home, smart devices may have helped soothe kids during the workday.Professor Bourne, Professor of Ophthalmology in the Vision and Eye Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), said: “Around half the global population is expected to have myopia by 2050, so it is a health concern that is escalating quickly.

Our study is the most comprehensive yet on this issue and shows a potential link between screen time and myopia in young people.“This research comes at a time when our children have been spending more time than ever looking at screens for long periods, due to school closures, and it is clear that urgent research is needed to further understand how exposure to digital devices can affect our eyes and vision. We also know that people underestimate their own screen time, so future studies should use objective measures to capture this information.”Experts have also observed a worrying trend of worsening myopia

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