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A User’s Guide to Digital Therapeutics for ADHD

Virtual reality games with stimuli to punch or avoid. Video games requiring problem-solving strategies to save the galaxy from a meteor storm.

A to-do app designed to help kids follow routines. These are some of the new technology-based tools — some of which are considered digital therapeutics — that promise to help patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related conditions like anxiety and depression.Most emerging digital therapy companies emphasize the power of technology to engage patients and maintain treatment compliance.

This is particularly true for technologies that use video game-like interfaces, including wearable technologies and virtual reality (VR), as a mode of delivery. Industry leaders say digital therapeutics should be seen as “a tool in the toolbox,” along with clinician visits, ADHD medication, and psychoeducation, to maximize impact.Some of these interventions require a prescription and are monitored by physicians or other clinicians.

Read on to learn about the most promising tools to date.NOTE: All product/service names, models, prices, links, and specifications were accurate at the time of this article's publication.Akili Interactive touts its product, EndeavorRx, as “the only doctor-prescribed video game treatment for kids with ADHD” that has received FDA authorization. In a company-funded study published in 2020, data showed that the video game improved ADHD symptoms in children when used at home for four weeks.EndeavorRx is prescribed by a physician and then downloaded onto a mobile device.

Within the game, players chase mystical creatures through different worlds, and they must problem‑solve to unlock new characters and build their own universe. It is fast-moving and

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