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A List of 15 Concrete Ways to Re-Mother Yourself

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

For many of my readers, for anyone who identified as coming from a relational trauma background, this can be one of the more complex and triggering days of the year.

Over the years, I’ve written multiple articles to address the complexity of this day to validate the experiences of those who don’t feel seen by Hallmark cards and dominant cultural introjects, and to comfort those who struggle when this calendrical day rolls around again.

And while I’ve talked, too, about the critical healing task of re-mothering yourself as an adult who comes from a relational trauma background, I’ve never quite articulated what that might look like in daily practice as an adult on an active healing journey.

Today, as I

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Re Mother Yourself

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It isn’t lost on me that not everyone is as fortunate to have a mother who believed their pain or symptoms as a child. I’m so grateful that my mom not only did that despite over 20 years before we got answers and my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) and vascular compressions diagnoses, but that she also taught me so many ways to overcome and make the best of my life with chronic illness. I now am teaching those same things to my daughters and would love to also share with you some of those life lessons:

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