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Take Charge of Your Health – and Protect Your Family – by Getting BLS Certification

All of us want to protect our loved ones from any harm, as we want to live a long and healthy life with our best friends and family by our side. However, life is unpredictable, and we truly never know what might happen to us or those we care about. As individuals, we should always seek to advocate for ourselves and learn skills that can protect us from any harm, which is why it’s essential to take charge of our own health.

You probably have a first aid kit and some basic medical devices available in your home, and this is a great start, but do you truly know how to use them to great advantage? What would you do if a child stopped breathing, or if your grandmother began to choke? Knowledge is power, and you can advocate for yourself and your loved ones by receiving BLS certification. Let’s explore what this training is, why you might need it, and how you can attain it.

Basic Life Support training covers the basics to help you intervene in any medical emergency

You probably vaguely know how to do CPR; perhaps you were taught this in school or took a course as part of your job. But do you know how to identify a seizure, what to do if someone is in shock, or how to properly staunch bleeding in a limb? Basic Life Support certification, or BLS, will teach you all these skills and more.

BLS certification covers a broad spectrum of emergency situations in both children and adults, including how to identify and treat these issues before medical help can arrive. You’ll learn how to spot a stroke, seizure, or hypoglycemic episode, how to perform manual breathing, how to treat an overdose, and how to care for heat-related emergencies, such as heat stroke or frostbite.

Do people outside of the medical profession need to learn BLS?


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