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8 Pros and 7 Cons of Being an Overachiever

positive aspects. Here is a list of some of them. ADVERTISEMENT If you want something done, ask an overachiever to do it.

They know what you want and what each step should look like to accomplish it. Not only do they accomplish what they set out to do, but they often get it done faster than others. This is because they’re already thinking about the next thing they want to do.

Overachievers wholeheartedly embrace Tennyson’s thinking when he said, So many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to be.Overachievers focus on what needs to get done, and they don’t get thrown off course by unexpected things. They get back on track and keep going. They also don’t fall into wasting time or doing mindless activities.

An overachiever is a good time manager. Here are some things they might use to stay focused and not waste time.Even though they get accused of overworking, overachievers know when they need help, an overachiever isn’t afraid to acknowledge they don’t know it all. They seek expertise from the right people.

You’ve probably noticed how well-known overachievers surround themselves with a skilled team of people. This allows the overachiever to focus on what they’re supposed to do and lightens the load for everyone.Another positive thing that overachievers do is to stay fit. They’re often the people who get up first thing in the morning to exercise.

They say that exercising increases their energy level and gives them a clearer mind. One example of someone like this is Richard Branson, founder of over 400 companies. He’s a self-proclaimed overachiever who insists that exercise is critical to his day.

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