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Q: How Can I Help My Son Resist the Temptations of His Phone?

Hi TotallyTechFrustrated:First, I have to give your son props for taking proactive steps to stay off his computer. That’s a great way to start trying to eliminate distractions.

But you’re right; it’s not foolproof.No matter what system we put in place, we can still find ourselves mindlessly scrolling when we’re meant to be working. Here are a few concrete suggestions to help.[Click to Read: “How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?”]I hope you will also check out my newest book, How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide To Getting Stuff Done (#CommissionsEarned), where I dive deep into helping students eliminate distractions.Good Luck!ADHD Family Coach Leslie Josel, of Order Out of Chaos, will answer questions from ADDitude

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