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“The Bumbling Dad Trope, Reversed: On Motherhood with ADHD”

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If you grew up in the ‘90s like me, you undoubtedly watched sitcoms featuring the Dumb Dad. From Homer Simpson and Ray Romano to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the Dumb Dad trope was as much a part of our generation as were chunky heels and butterfly clips.On the flip side, mothers were portrayed as multitasking heroes who kept their families and homes from falling apart.

Sure, these are stereotypes, but they’re mostly grounded in real-life expectations. Women are supposed to be the tidy, organized, and dependable ones.

When you need help with homework, Mom’s the first one you ask. When you can’t find something, Mom knows where it is. When you need a special cake for your birthday, Mom can make it just right.For a woman like me who struggles with ADHD, these expectations can be painful.

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