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10 Brutal Truths for a Love that Lasts

In a time when divorce seems like the common solution to any problem, and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, there remains 50 percent of people who have a love that lasts.

This is not about luck, chance, or accident.

It is something that they work at and something they nurture.

They have figured out the secrets to having a love that lasts and the things that they need to embrace and feed in their relationship daily.

With this belief that the relationship is worth the effort, people can have a love that lasts and not a love that is given up on at the first disagreement.

It is stronger, more important, and worth it to them.

Here are some important truths on fostering a love that lasts: 1. The little things always count and should not be given or taken for granted.

Do things out of love for your partner, not because you want anything in return.

If your partner does something for you, be sure and thank them every time.

The act of appreciation is a powerful tool to strengthen every relationship.

2. Remember that no one is perfect, not even you.

However, if you stop over-analyzing it, someone might be perfect for YOU.

Learn to welcome the strengths and goodness in your partner.

Learn what is not worth focusing on and what is worth letting go of.

When we truly love someone, and they are a good person at the root of things, any small peccadillos should not matter.

3. Marriage does not self-water.

By this, I mean it does not care for itself. We must actively care for it.

While some may have a stronger base to work from, all love that lasts need work.

Marriage is work, even the best ones.

We are headed for trouble if we don’t believe or realize that.

Anything worth having is worth working for, and relationships

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