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4 Tips for Keeping Your Children Protected During a Divorce

When you get a divorce, it changes your life. But, for better or worse, you’ll eventually move on. The same can’t be said for your kids. If you aren’t careful, it can leave deep emotional scars that never fully heal. 

4 Ways to Protect Your Children in a Divorce

Adults, while certainly susceptible to emotional trauma, are far less vulnerable than children. A child is highly impressionable, fragile, and ill-prepared to handle trauma in the same way that grown, mature individuals can. 

A divorce can be rough on a child, emotionally, developmentally, and relationally. And while you’ll eventually find a new partner and forge a fresh future, your child will forever be marked by the divorce. They will always have one parent “over here” and another parent “over there.” This isn’t to say that they’ll be miserable, or that it’ll even have a negative impact on their life, but it will be permanent. A child only gets two birth parents and a separation has a lasting impact.

Why do we bring all of this up? It’s not to make you feel bad or to encourage you to reconsider. Divorces happen and, in many cases, are what’s best for all parties. We say this to remind you that your children have to be the priority as you go through this divorce. And as important as other factors are, there’s nothing more vital than protecting your children and keeping them safe during this time. Here are several specific ways you can do this:

Never Fight In Front of the Kids

Divorces can get heated – that’s understandable. But never, under any circumstances, air out your dirty laundry in front of the children. For the good of your children, keep it together when they’re in your presence. Raising voices, throwing accusations, and getting physical will do

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