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Make Life Easier: 14 Back-to-School Apps Your Student Needs

iOS, AndroidFreeThe transition from beach and sand to desk and chair is rough for most kids; it can be excruciating for students with ADHD, who may exhibit problem behaviors as they work through back-to-school frustrations. The Class Dojo app allows teachers and parents to collaborate on improving and refining classroom behavior in the Fall — and all year long.

Class Dojo is more than a token system; it translates specific positive feedback from teachers — like, “Evan has been participating well in class discussions” — into real, tangible rewards and results. Added bonus: parents can choose to receive updates on their child’s behavior (including pictures) in real time.iOS, AndroidFreeStudents learn best when lessons are fun and engaging — but it’s rarely easy for teachers to transform historical timelines or math facts into a thrilling game.

The free app Kahoot can make a big difference. Teachers simply input their questions and answers; students use any web browser as a “buzzer” to play along in a round of fast-paced trivia — game show style!$3.99 for iOS, free on Android, Web (Chrome extension)Forest uses the principals of gamification to incentivize students to stay off their phones or distracting web sites while doing their homework.

When a student is settling down to tackle school work, they plant a seed in Forest. The longer they focus on the task at hand — and not social media or games, for example — the faster and stronger their tree grows.

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