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Never Flush These 20 Things Down the Toilet

non-biodegradable items down the toilet, you risk damage to the plumbing in your home. Additionally, you add to water pollution in your community. Some people honestly don’t know that there are things that can’t go through these intricate systems.

Sadly, others know it will not break down and send it through the tubes anyway.The backups you might experience are more than just an inconvenience and expensive plumbing bill. Indeed, the resulting overflow may create unsanitary conditions that endanger well-being.Everyone makes mistakes, and reading the list below, can help you make some changes. You should not dispose of these items through the plumbing system.

Besides that, you should teach your children about the acceptable things to flush, too. Here are some things you should never put into your commode.These wet wipes found in most supermarkets are labeled as flushable. But if you read the fine print, it says only one can be sent through the tubes.

Most people don’t use just one, and some older septic systems can’t handle that amount. These wipes are a plumber’s nightmare–and their ticket to high-cost repair jobs. ADVERTISEMENT Wet wipes don’t break down like they should, and they clog septic systems across the globe.

The River Thames in Barnes is polluted constantly with wet wipes that come to the surface. According to a report by the National History Museum in the UK, volunteers cleared over 23,000 of these wipes from the shore of the famous river in 2019 alone. Additionally, a study found that these “flushable” wipes cause ninety percent of all plumbing blockages.Can you believe fifty percent of women think sending tampons down the toilet is okay?Plumbers warn that some think the commode is an acceptable way to

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