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What Happens to Inheritance in a Divorce [Ultimate Guide]

Division of property

Property is divided in different ways during a divorce. it all depends on whether this property is joint or personal property of each spouse. It is considered joint for spouses, that if both partners took advantage of it, using it for household expenses or investments during marriage. The judge decides that all community property must be divided between both parties during the divorce proceedings. Sometimes, one of the spouses receives most of the inheritance. This depends on various circumstances, such as the length of the marriage or the contributions made by each spouse to the property.

The distribution of the inheritance depends on how it was disposed of during the marriage. If a certain property was kept separately from the common property and was used only by one of the spouses, then, as a rule, it remains to him after the divorce. If the inheritance was mixed with the joint property of the spouses or was used for the needs of both parties, the judge will most likely make a decision on its distribution. At the same time, such factors as the duration of the marriage and the contributions of each spouse to this inheritance will be taken into account.

Alimony and spousal maintenance

Alimony or maintenance is paid by one of the spouses to the other in accordance with the divorce agreement or by a court decision. Can an inheritance be taken in a divorce? Sometimes inheritance is also taken into account when calculating the amount of necessary payments that one of the spouses must pay. It depends on state law and the individual circumstances of the case.

It is worth noting that in most states the law protects the inheritance from creditors in a divorce. That is, if one of the spouses inherits money

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