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Only Pet Parents Will Understand How True These Vet Clinic Signs Are

Carroll County Vet Clinic in Maryland had to get creative. To keep people’s spirits up, they’ve been posting funny messages on their outdoor sign since 2005.

So far, it seems to work, because many of their signs have gone viral!Here are a few that we thought perfectly captured the ups and downs of being a pet parent.A post shared by Carroll County Veterinary Clin (@carrollcountyveterinaryclinic)Plus, isn’t it the best feeling when a random dog runs up to you and the owner says, “My dog never does that with strangers!” That always makes my soul happy. ADVERTISEMENT   A post shared by Carroll County Veterinary Clin (@carrollcountyveterinaryclinic)If you have a long-haired dog, you dread summer with every fiber of your being.

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