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Migraines Suck: Here Are 5 Hacks That Make Them Better

screen time (sorry, TikTok), not eating enough throughout the day, or lighting a strongly-scented candle. Other times, migraines sneak up on me because of hormonal changes, being overtired, or feeling especially stressed or overwhelmed. Although dealing with the head-splitting pain—and, in my case, nausea— that comes with migraines really sucks, I’ve experienced enough of these headaches over the years to know what helps alleviate my symptoms. Migraine-relief suggestions are definitely not one-size-fits-all, but if any of my tried-and-true tips can help someone else feel a little bit better, they’re worth sharing.

Read on for the five hacks I rely on to help combat migraine pain. When I feel a migraine coming on, the very first thing I do is stop everything and drink a bunch of water. I try hard to stay hydrated during the day, but I often get distracted by work and life (sound familiar?) and fall behind with my water intake. So, when a headache begins, I do everything I can to get hydrated in hopes that it’ll temper some of my migraine symptoms. My secret weapon here is to have Liquid I.V.

packs on hand. I add one to my water tumbler to boost my electrolytes and hydrate faster. Then, I continue drinking water as my migraine progresses to stay hydrated and, hopefully, ease my pain sooner. several flavors availableseveral colors available I started using Equilibria’s Relief Balm after The Everygirl’s CEO, Alaina Kaz, told me it significantly helped her migraines.

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