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Ready for the C-Suite? First, Read These 3 Truths

SUCCESS Line, I talk to Cathy, a successful consultant and project manager with 20 years of expertise. Recently, she decided she wants to level up her career; she wants to break into the C-suite. So how do entrepreneurs like Cathy gain membership to this exclusive club? Throughout our conversation, I help Cathy break out of the limiting story she’s been telling herself about her career and provide her with tactical strategies to achieve her seemingly out-of-reach goal.If you’ve ever wondered when or how to make the jump into a new position, you’re not alone.

Here are my top three tips. The No. 1 hurdle all entrepreneurs must overcome is a .

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someone can find themselves in a bad relationship like this. The victim will love someone that mistreats them, even though they know they should leave.
compatibility, and communication. With that being said, it is meaningful to surprise your partner on occasion.When you go the extra mile to impress the person that you love, they will feel valued, cared for, and known by you.

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