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No Bath? Here’s How To Turn Your Shower Routine Into Luxurious Self-Care

run a bath, and be able to relax in the tub. My nighttime routine looks way more like a quick shower before bed and a face mask, if I’m lucky.

Let’s be honest: baths are great, but showers are way more realistic. However, just because your time is cut short (or you don’t have a bath tub in your home) does not mean you can’t experience the luxurious, relaxing, spa-like effect that you get from soaking in a tub.

You can turn your five-minute shower before bed into the most relaxing five minutes of your day, thanks to these 20 products. Forget bombs, soaks, and caddies: self-care showers are the new bubble baths. Because the best part of your shower is what you rub on your skin when you get out, make sure the oil you use is as luxurious as it

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A birthday can mean many things for stroke survivors: a fresh start after a year of rehab, getting back to their “new normal,” or already living their “new life” for more than several years and celebrating another birthday.
“eating right”.But what if some of those rules – about the stereotypical ‘bad snacks’ – were actually food myths? Perhaps there are some legitimate health reasons to toss certain items back in your cart.Here are a few ‘bad foods’ that might just be misunderstood…Now, as with all the things on this list (and in life), moderation is key. Sticking to your limits and making sure you’re not drinking so much your judgement is impaired is, obviously, essential.However, the odd beer here or there might actually be a little bit good for you.

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