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How the Deathbed Meditation Can Bring You Clarity, Purpose, and Joy

“Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.” ~Socrates

There’s a lot of beauty and value in positive, light-and-love approaches to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

But I challenge you to go a little deeper and to face something we’re all going to experience eventually:


I know this may sound macabre, bizarre, or downright unappealing. But hear me out!

There is a certain power and beauty in consciously visualizing and meditating on one’s death.

What could be more awakening and more revealing than putting your current self into the perspective of your dying self—into your last few moments?

Such a precious practice helps to bring a stunning clarity and crystalline focus to everything going on in your life.

Indeed, what is referred to as the “deathbed meditation” helps you to:

Figure out what is most important to you Let go of old pains and hurts Focus on what brings you joy Find your true life path Uncover your hidden gifts

As humans, we tend to live our lives as though they will never end. From one day to the next we live in a kind of where we take everything (and everyone) for granted.

The deathbed meditation is a powerful practice you can incorporate into your life whenever you feel lost, stranded, stuck, out of focus, or simply aimless.

My Experience With the Deathbed Meditation

I’ve always been someone who desperately needs a strong purpose in life.

But something happened last year that tossed me into a dark existential crisis where I questioned (1) what my place in the world really was, (2) why old wounds were rising to the surface, and (3) why I felt so lost—despite having a strong self-care and spiritual practice.

With the advent of COVID-19 and the retriggering of old traumas, I felt empty

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