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3 Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted (And How To Fix It)

taken for granted and how to fix it in 4 ways.When you try to have a conversation with someone, it’s reasonable that the discussion must sometimes end quickly. But if someone is always cutting short all conversations with you, it can seem like they don’t actually want to be in that conversation on equal terms.You listen to this person, but they don’t listen in return.

You meet their needs and requests, but they never heed any of yours. That’s a huge sign of being taken for granted and is objectively inexcusable.When someone doesn’t greet you properly or take the time for pleasantries, instead of getting straight to the point of what they need, it can be a sign you’re being taken for granted.

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Betrayal shows your loyalty. Betrayal reveals the lies you’ve been telling yourself.”Being betrayed by another person is often (not always,) a reflection of how you were betraying yourself.
The adventurous Vikings symbolize strength, honor, and wisdom. The Viking quotes below show lessons learned through their worldwide conquests and wars. 

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