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What 2020, the Political Divide and COVID-19 Taught Me As a Trauma Survivor

This past year has been truly difficult for me. Election years in America seem nearly intolerable, with hate and division sewn on both sides that have often left me feeling hopeless and “small.” Many times I feel as though people are talking over one another, belittling others and even engaging in bullying behavior. Admittedly I have, at times, engaged in these fruitless pursuits. But, many more times than not, I end up deleting my post or comments entirely, especially if it gains traction. It just doesn’t seem to be worth the energy to argue as I often wind up feeling defeated and even downright depressed.

This last year has been particularly hard for me. The rhetoric, tension and dysfunction displayed on social media parallel the

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If you have fibromyalgia, struggle with migraines or have some other chronic pain illness, I think you can develop a skewed view of pain. Then when you go to the doctor because of some new or acute pain, and they ask “What’s your pain level on a scale of one to 10?” I wonder if the answer is the same as it would be from someone who is otherwise “healthy.” I think that it may not be. I think when you deal with chronic pain what level of pain you consider tolerable—because there is no choice but to tolerate it—is much different than the person who is accustomed to living with a zero pain level.
defines overbearing as disdainful, arrogant, insolent, lordly, proud, and supercilious. Here are some other characteristics of an overbearing person.You’ll find it most comfortable to avoid dealing with this personality type when possible.

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