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Inadequate Teacher Training Stifles Students with ADHD

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If the best scientists in the world were asked to create an environment that would be the most challenging for a student with ADHD, they’d be hard-pressed to devise anything worse than a contemporary elementary school classroom: six-hour days filled with expectations of sitting still, following endless instructions, completing tedious tasks, and navigating challenging social situations on playgrounds, in cafeterias, or on the bus during times of little adult monitoring.

Indeed, the only setting that might exacerbate ADHD symptoms more would be a middle or high school where behavioral expectations are spread across multiple teachers, organizational and time-management demands become the responsibility of the student, and assignments have short- and long-term deadlines that require routine monitoring.It is, therefore, not surprising that the long-term academic outcomes for students with ADHD are strikingly poor.

Compared to students without ADHD, those with ADHD have lower grades, more discipline referrals, and more special education placements.

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