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12 Habits for High-Quality Sleep (#7 Is Amazing!)

50 to 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. Insomnia affects your physical and mental health. It also affects your quality of life and your safety.

Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to ADVERTISEMENT If you do not enjoy at least seven hours of sleep every night, check out these twelve suggestions on what habits you can practice for high-quality sleep. ADVERTISEMENT Sometimes you look for a solution in all the wrong places. Something as simple as a good pillow and mattress goes a long way in giving you a better night’s sleep.

When you have a good, solid mattress, your insomnia may vanish. It can help you feel better all over your body, including these: ADVERTISEMENT Sleep experts suggest you get a new mattress for your bed at least every six to eight years.So, what do you look for when you’re purchasing a new mattress? There are many types of mattresses today, but these are the essential things to remember when you are mattress shopping. Look forIf you have insomnia or aren’t sleeping well, why not get a new mattress to see if it helps improve your sleep? Your body will thank you.Taking a warm shower or bath in the evening before bed is another way to improve the quality of your sleep.

Bathing or showering relaxes your muscles. You feel calmer and ready to sleep. Researchers suggest you keep the water temperature warm, but not too hot or too cold because this can have the opposite effect and wake you up.Your body has a natural clock regulation called your Circadian rhythms.

This controls your mental, physical, and behavioral changes during a 24-hour cycle. Your circadian rhythms respond to light and dark. Exposure to the sun helps regulate your circadian rhythm.

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