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“My ADHD is Like Curious George — Only More Nefarious”

ADHD. I only looked back and saw what I did, or did not do, and got upset. It was a constant punch to my self-confidence.To help me see the ADHD, I came up with a visual aid – of ADHD as a monkey on my back.

Not a nice monkey from a nature documentary. This is a mischievous monkey who will pick my pockets and steal everything if I leave the window open. He’s so nimble that I never feel his physical presence, yet he’s constantly tapping me on the shoulder or putting his hands in front of my eyes to prevent me from seeing the full picture. He chatters in my ear when people are talking to me, making it difficult for me to pay full attention. When I look over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of him, he jumps to the other side.

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