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3 Reasons Why Children Don’t Need a Perfect Mother, Just A Positive One

We have a very binary way of looking at many things and people. This black-and-white thinking is detrimental to everyone who fixates on this scrutiny, and the gavel comes down very hard on many mothers.

This damaging mindset dictates that you’re either a good mother or a bad mother, and any imperfection puts you in the “bad” category. Of course, that’s not true at all – most parents are doing their best and are doing fine with their children despite any mistakes!Indeed, children are often a reflection of the parenting they receive sure.

But, at the same time, they’re kids! They’re experimenting with boundaries, making mistakes, and making questionable decisions based on their limited capacity for critical thought. That’s what children do, and that’s okay! A good parent is there to correct and guide their children when they make those mistakes, not to pre-emptively stop all wrongdoing.

And yet, a child acting out is often blamed on their mother, driving home the idea that mothers have to be both perfect and somehow prophetic to be good mothers.Mothers are disproportionately expected to bear the brunt of all parenting responsibilities, even in dual-earning families where both parents work full time. Studies show that fathers often think that they’re doing equal work at home even when they’re not, and this extends to parenting.

Mothers face more pressure by default and have to do more than fathers before they’re even perceived as doing their part. This also means that their mistakes and missteps are more likely to be seen as a huge problem, even when fathers make similar mistakes that get overlooked.As you can probably tell, these topics, as nuanced as they are, all point to one thing: expecting perfection out of mothers is

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