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3 Mindset Shifts That’ll Elevate Your Marketing Immediately

With a degree in marketing and 10 years experience working with companies like Land Rover and Leadpages, I started my own business in 2014 as a social media and marketing speaker and trainer and thought marketing myself and my business would be a breeze. I soon discovered that wasn’t the case.

What I soon learned was that marketing for other people is easy compared to marketing your own skills.When you’re marketing other people and other people’s products or services you don’t have concerns like ‘what will people think?’  ‘who do I think am? ‘what if people don’t want me and my stuff?’ I quickly learnt that mindset is a key element to successfully marketing you and your business. Now after seven years in business and having helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully market themselves, I have discovered three mindset shifts that will help elevate your marketing to attract more clients.Often when we think about promoting ourselves and our businesses we get concerned about trying to show up as an expert. This then makes us hold back and maybe play small. You might be thinking ‘there are so many experts out there, what makes me different, why should they listen to me? I have nothing to add or what if I don’t really know what I’m talking about and I get found out?’ The good news is there is space for many experts in every industry! Let’s take the example of famous chefs.

They are all working with the same ingredients, but their personality, style, training and influences mean that even given the same basic ingredients they could all create something very different.It’s the same for you in your industry. Your education, experiences, training, influence, background and personality will have an impact on what you share and

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