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Uncovering the Truth and Trauma Behind My Family Tree

Before I even open my eyes, I hear the sounds of nature coming to life all around me. Unfamiliar chirps and buzzing tickling my brain. As the first light of day touches my consciousness, my eyes flutter open, adjusting to the dim light. Reaching for my glasses, I begin to stretch, slowly realizing I am not at home with my family in Florida. I am alone in the woods of New Hampshire.

Oddly, I am unafraid.

Feeling excited and ready to start my day, I glance at the clock illuminated on the small microwave. It’s 5:30 a.m. Coffee time! I smile to myself as I jump up and start the brewing process.

After preparing breakfast, I open the red and white plaid curtains. On one side, I can see a forest. Beyond the tall trees, I can see the

liking life

My Family Tree

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