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15 Life Lessons Brené Brown Has Taught Us

and vulnerability, and often speaks about being authentic.Brené Brown was named the more influential woman in 2009 in the Houston Woman Magazine. Additionally, she’s received teaching awards related to her achievements in Social Work.Brené Brown believes that strength comes from being vulnerable and encourages people to choose “courage over comfort.” She prioritizes gratitude during the life journey because it leads to the vulnerability you need. ADVERTISEMENT Brené Brown’s lessons will help you see how to improve your life and live fully.

These inspiring quotes will help you make changes that lead to being a better version of yourself.This quote teaches that you should never let go of your values so that others don’t think less of you. It might seem easier to go along with what other people want, but it’s not. As Brown explains, the bigger risk is letting go of how you feel and who you are.Another of the valuable life lessons from Brené Brown is that people watching you live your life can’t dictate your worthiness.

They are simply observers, not active participants, and their opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t weigh yourself against the standards of others, especially not the ones who sit back and watch.You must remember that you can give help and ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you less successful.  If you never hesitate to help others but won’t ask when you need something, it’s time to make a change.

As Brené Brown explains, everyone who offers help needs help at some point.This lesson tells you that being vulnerable can help you tap into your innovation and creativity. You can’t change your life if you’re unwilling to be vulnerable sometimes. Without being yourself, you can’t find the things that will bring

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