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40 Snowboarding Quotes For Those Cruisin’ Down the Powder

These snowboarding quotes will help you caption your pictures from the top of the ski lift, or those shots that other people take of you shredding down the mountain. 

These snowboarding quotes also compare snowboarding to skiing and other sports.

You might wonder which is harder—snowboarding or skiing.

The answer is a bit complicated. Skiing tends to be easier for beginners to pick up but seems harder to master.

Snowboarding, however, is a little harder to learn, but once you have the basics down it is easier to move up skill levels. 

Another popular question is which is safer—snowboarding or skiing.

That really depends on how you define “safest.”

According to research and statistics, you are more likely to have an ankle or head injury if you are snowboarding.

However, people have more fatal accidents while skiing. 

The cost of skiing and snowboarding is also pretty comparable, until you get down to the equipment piece of things.

Ski equipment (Skis, ski boots, and ski bindings) costs about twice as much as snowboarding equipment.

Keep reading through these snowboarding quotes if you are curious about giving it a try!

Snowboarding quotes for those Instagram pics

Snowboarding photos make great Instagram posts! Just pare one of the quotes below with a photo and you are ready to post!

1. “Just snowboard.” — Unknown

2. “Snowboard mode: ON.” — Unknown

3. “Life is better on the slopes.” — Unknown

4. “Let’s go find some deep powder.” — Unknown

5. “Shredding has never felt so good.” — Unknown

6. “It’s only cold if you are standing still.” — Unknown

7. “Happiness is the view from a ski lift.” — Unknown

8. “Riding until the snow melts and the sun goes down.” — Unknown

9. “You can’t buy happiness…. But you can buy a lift

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