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Workplace Communication Etiquette: Best Practices for Response Times and Setting Boundaries

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.Stress. Burnout. Having to be “always on,” even during off-hours. A BBC Worklife headline once referred to it as “The crippling .”Courtney Leyes is a Tennessee-based partner with Fisher Phillips, a nationwide labor and employment law firm.

She often feels the need to immediately respond to emails.“I try to respond as quickly as possible internally—internal referrals and reputation is important to me—and same for externally, the latest being 24 hours,” she says. “In my line of work, failing to respond could mean I lose out on a case or matter.

A lot of these deadlines are self-imposed, and I wish I didn’t feel the need to immediately respond, but this would be quite the habit to break!”As for Microsoft Teams messaging, Leyes doesn’t feel a need to respond right away.“I use it mostly internally to bounce ideas off my friends,” she explains. “And send Schitt’s Creek gifs.

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