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You Deserve to Take up Space, Even with Cystic Acne

There were hardly any photos of people with acne smiling.As if the internet was telling me — people with acne aren’t happy. People with acne shouldn’t be smiling.

People with acne should be sad and quiet, preoccupied with fixing their imperfect skin.I know firsthand that when we have acne, we feel as if we don’t deserve to take up any space in the world. As if, happiness is not meant for us. Love is not meant for us. Selfies are not meant for us.Determined to find a colorful photo of someone with acne, I visited the #acnepositivity community of Instagram and commissioned the header piece here from Brie Lamour (brielamour89 on Instagram). I asked for it to be of her because she is everything I love to see in a positive woman role model.Brie

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