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Using your higher consciousness, you’re able to untangle the entangled particles from the next dimensions, and formulate opportunities inside this dimension. This is a world that’s available to anyone who has the will and the discipline to emerge from what is .
but take a while to talk about their positives. In part, I believe this is because we’re more likely to feel the positives in the moment, and then let them go on their merry way, until we meet them again.They’re kind of always there, lurking under the surface, waiting to strike.

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we can only learn when we risk failure. But at what price? What are the dangers if we fail? How do we learn more from our mistakes?Our emergence in the months ahead from the pandemic offers an opportunity to reflect on how we can better manage risk in our lives, fortify ourselves for challenges and diminish anxiety and fear.
find the positive things in the most uncertain circumstances. The attitude differences between these two temperaments are night and day.Life is good, but it’s what you make it.

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