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What Your ‘Go-To’ Defense Mechanism Says About You

I’ve joked before that one of the reasons I’m able to remain fairly functional through hard times is that my defense mechanisms are stellar at working overtime. These defense mechanisms, defined as unconscious attempts to hide, suppress, or control conflict, help us deal with often hard-to-process realities, protecting our egos, our sense of self, our relationships, and the very fabric of truth we cling to in order to survive in this messy, messy world. 

In some ways, it’s good that we have these defense mechanisms – I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to function without them. Being constantly aware of all of the conflict and cognitive dissonance that comes with being human would be too hard, and sometimes we need defense mechanisms to help us keep going. 

Of course, you can’t defense-mechanism your way through life forever, and relying on them too much keeps us further away from our truth. If you also overuse defense mechanisms to block yourself from facing reality, I hope this “quiz” helps you understand a little more about which ones you use and what it might say about how you process the world around you. 

A quick note before we get into it: While it’s interesting to read about psychology, and I hope this is a fun way to learn about defense mechanisms, all psychology-turned-internet content should be consumed with a critical eye. I’d recommend you use this piece as a fun way to think about your own relationship with defense mechanisms, and make conclusions for yourself about what applies to you. 

What Your “Go-To” Defense Mechanism Says About You — A Quiz 

The following super unscientific quiz will take you through a scenario in which you find yourself in a tough situation. Choose which path you’d most likely take

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