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How to Fix a Broken Relationship [Therapist Advice]

Everyone, in every relationship, until the end of time will inevitably have challenges with their partner from time to time. It’s common — and unavoidable — but how do you know if your relationship is broken? What constitutes a broken relationship in the first place? If you do have a broken relationship, what can you do to fix it, or is it too late? If you’re struggling with relationship problems, or if you’ve found yourself wondering if your relationship can be saved, read on.

We’ll cover the following here:Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if you constantly argue with your partner, it’s reasonable and natural to wonder if the connection is beyond repair. Signs of a broken, unhealthy relationship might include:If you spot any of the signs above in your relationship, you might consider your relationship to be relatively fragile. However, that doesn’t mean it’s broken for good. “We encourage you to pause before making life-changing decisions if you’re not feeling 100% well and in the right state of mind.

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