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The #1 Place to Get Your Power and Keep It

feel strong.To push my body to do things she’s not used to so she can get used to it.Over the years in my physical training, I’ve noticed my instructors all focused on one specific thing: using my core. Will, my trainer, constantly told me to use my core for any exercise we did, even cardio.Max, my boxing instructor is forever repeating, “Tweest from your core.

Paaanch from your core. Back when I practiced Kung Fu my instructor said, “Use your dantien.

Have the punch come from your Dantien.”In Chinese, Dantien is “energy center” – it’s your body’s natural center of energy located in your lower belly.When you use your Dantien as your source, no matter what technique you throw it’s automatically packed with more power. Instead of punching

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