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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk on Designing a Space—and Life—That Makes You Happy

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, offers readers tips for making a space into a sanctuary.A guiding principle behind the book was that he didn’t simply want to create an expensive design book that would limit who could learn about design.“I want to democratize design,” Berk says. “I want people to realize that you don’t need to hire a designer.

You don’t have to have tons of money to make your space work for you. I also wanted the book to help people, and I didn’t just want it to be a book of pretty things.

I’m like—why don’t I talk about how design has affected my life?”If anyone should know about making something work with the little you have, it’s Berk, who seems to have approached his own life the way he tackles the interior design overhaul in every episode of Queer Eye—as a fixer-upper, a blank canvas, something that, with enough effort and ingenuity, he can reinvent and turn around entirely.For someone who has made his brand so successful, Berk’s life’s journey to becoming a sought-out design maven and star on Netflix’s Queer Eye—whose seventh season just premiered—has been anything but conventional.At age 15, feeling unwelcome in his hometown as a gay teen, he left his parents’ Missouri home.

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