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The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger (Mine Was Spot On)

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We use our hands every day. However, we may have never thought that the length of our fingers reveals so much about us and our character.  Finger Length Meaning – What Does Your Fingers’ Length Say About Your Personality? The length of a person’s fingers determines their personality.

Namely, the size of the index finger and the length of the ring finger (or the fourth finger) is the ratio that gives us information about the testosterone levels in the person, and therefore, it reveals their character.  (1) Ring Finger Longer Than Index Finger: Meaning People with index fingers longer than their ring fingers are individuals that are full of confidence and assertiveness.

And even though they can also be introverts, these people are go-getters, and they work hard to accomplish their goals. They want to work on their own; that’s how they remain in focus.

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