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5 Signs You Are Ready to Forgive Someone

Forgiveness is something all people struggle with. Sometimes, you hold petty grudges when you should have let them go a long time ago. Other times, you forgive people who don’t deserve your kindness.

But the worst thing you can do is forgive people when you aren’t ready. Just because someone asks for your forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to offer it.  People often struggle with knowing when they are ready to let go of something that hurt them. Sometimes, you pretend to let go of things in the hopes that you’ll be able to move on.

But, of course, everyone always preaches about how forgiveness can heal you, and part of that is genuine. But no one remembers telling others they can’t be forced to forgive. As long as you do it at your own pace, you’ll be able to move on. But people often pressure others into forgiving everyone, no matter the cost.

So, if you’re fighting with your partner, the advice you’ll get will be to move on. If your boss mistreats you, perhaps you’ll brush it off as a workplace scuffle.  ADVERTISEMENT Scenarios like these happen way too often, to the point where forgiveness has lost meaning. Now, it’s just a sign of someone having good manners.

But no matter what others tell you, you should remember one thing. ADVERTISEMENT Never forgive someone unless you want to and are ready to do so. Otherwise, you won’t be able to heal and move on.   ADVERTISEMENT After you’ve been hurt or betrayed, chances are you’ll feel the need to reminisce on the past.

That could be because you want to relieve the good moments before you were hurt. Or, more often than not, it’s because you need to understand why they hurt you. Everyone wants to understand what happened that made someone else act the way they did. You might

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