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“I’m an ADHD Support Specialist. So, Why Do I Find It So Hard to Help My ADD Partner?”

ADD). Although I’d heard of ADHD, I’d always associated it (to my subsequent shame) with hyperactive little boys wriggling around in their chairs.I have since discovered that this stereotype is quite far from the ADHD reality for many.

And as my partner recounted his own painful childhood experiences, I felt my heart go out to him.“You know, you should consider becoming an ADHD coach”, he said. “You’d be really good at it.”[Click to Read: We Need to Talk About How ADHD Affects Interpersonal Relationships]I decided to follow his advice and have spent almost the last decade providing support to students with ADHD, as well as coaching parents and training teachers.So, why then, when it comes to helping him, do I sometimes feel like finding the

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