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Removing “Energy Leaks” Is the Step to Manifesting Your Dream Life You’re Probably Missing

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spend—working out, a friend who needs a little extra support, or meeting a work deadline. But energy is a balancing act; we need an equal balance of routines, conversations, and activities that “refill” our energy, whether it’s a therapy session, taking a nap, or a fun night out with friends.

Think of it like an energy bank account: you need to refill your energy to have more to spend. And no matter what your dream life looks like–whether it has to do with your career, finances, relationships, physical health, or all the above–your energy bank account is a key piece of achieving any goal.Manifesting your dream life is not just about the energy you intentionally spend to get what you want, but also the energy you may be unintentionally spending that’s draining your energy bank account.

Energy leaks are situations, thoughts, people, or actions that are depleting without you even realizing it. The good news is they can easily be fixed so you can energetically align with and create space for your manifestations to come in.

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