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TikTok Doctor Sets Standard for How to Talk to Patients About Weight

A TikToker who goes by @thatgaydoctor has gone viral for a brilliant video in which he describes the non-stigmatizing way he speaks with his patients about weight.

The man behind @thatgaydoctor is a primary care physician in Chicago, according to his Instagram bio. In the TikTok video caption he wrote, “Many come in to talk about weight, others avoid the Dr for fear of it. I change my script to try to fit needs/goals. Not a one size fits all chat.”

In the video, he lists a six-step approach to broaching the discussion about weight. After a pleasant greeting, he first asks, “Is it OK if we talk about your weight?” which gives the patient an opportunity to decline to discuss it.

Next, he tells them their weight and asks, if it’s his first

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