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Abandonment Issues: Signs, Causes, & Coping Tips

People with abandonment issues struggle with worries that they’ll be left by those who are closest to them. While some anxiety is normal throughout life, ongoing, debilitating fears about being abandoned can be deeply destructive. Not only can these worries be a source of stress, but they can make it virtually impossible to build a satisfying and healthy relationship. Someone with abandonment anxiety may feel insecure and might struggle to believe that they deserve to be loved.

Sometimes, their abandonment fear may be so overwhelming that they choose to end a relationship to avoid being hurt. Although abandonment issues can be painful, acknowledging your fears and identifying their causes can help you heal and cope. Learning signs of abandonment issues can be the first step to take if you or a loved one is struggling with this fear. Once you better understand the signs, you can then look into getting help, such as through online therapy.

Read on to learn more about how abandonment issues can impact your life. Interpersonal relationships are essential to our emotional well-being. The relationships we have with others can be a source of social and emotional support that keeps us from being lonely. When a person has a fear of abandonment, however, overwhelming anxiety of being rejected or left behind can make it hard to form close relationships with others.Experts say that the relationships we form early in life influence how we connect with others as adults.

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