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I Used an Under Desk Treadmill for a Month Straight—Here’s How It Went

I used to get 10,000 steps in a day without sparing half a thought. Between walking my dogs in the morning, taking a walk break during the work day, going to a workout class after work, and just generally being out and about during the week, my legs were busy. Then, as is the cause of most life changes in the last two years, COVID hit.

I was suddenly confined to a 900-square-foot apartment, and the longest walk I took was from my bed to the kitchen and back. That easy 10,000 steps became a sad 2,000 or, on a good day, 3,000. Soon, that eight-week work-from-home period turned into a forever kind of situation. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love working from home.

I am more productive, comfortable, and all-around happier than I ever was in an office. The only thing wrong was the drastic dive in my daily activity level. Before long, my up-and-at-’em lifestyle turned into a tired, sluggish one.

My body really felt the difference. I lost flexibility, strength, and mobility. I started feeling a lot older than I actually was.

When I finally decided to do something about it, TikTok had an answer (because, of course, it did). Enter: the standing desk and under desk treadmill combo that quite literally revolutionized my WFH life. Didn’t even walk half the work day and got in soooo many miles!! #walkingpad #treadmilldesk #standingdesk #wfh #wfhlife #wfhhacks #productivity #treadmill #workfromhome ♬ original sound – Kristen  The moment I searched “under desk treadmill” on Amazon, I started seeing tons of TikToks like the one above. (The algorithm truly freaks me out).

Here were all these women strutting through their workdays. I wanted to be just like them. After convincing my husband that the equipment investment would 100% be

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