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9 Things in My 'Spoonie Room' That Just Make Sense

I was sent a TikTok with this title and even though I refuse to give in to making an account, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon somehow. Before I start I should mention that along with HSD and fibromyalgia, I also have ADHD, so a lot of these sprouted from the necessity of avoiding losing my mind. Here are my favorite items for managing chronic illness that I keep in my “spoonie room.”

1. Cute Basket

I need a place for all my braces, tapes, and random physical therapy/yoga equipment. With hypermobility spectrum disorder, I have quite a collection of braces and tape to try to keep my joints behaving. I have also accumulated massagers, stretching bands and God knows what else to try to alleviate my pain. It became a treasure hunt every time I needed anything. So to keep it all organized I picked up a cute basket on a trip to Target. It is wrapped in canvas because I just end up throwing everything in there and it prevents my room from looking like more of a disaster than it already is.

2. Medicine Cart

Due to my insurance, I have to get three months of my prescriptions at a time. This leaves a lot of backstock of meds and nowhere to put them. Inspired by the movie “Five Feet Apart,” I got a cart to keep all my meds organized. It’s all open so everything is easily seen and accessible. The top is daily meds, the second shelf is backstock and PRN, and the third is bandaids, alcohol prep pads, and disinfecting wipes. It’s right next to my bed so I don’t have to get up when I need something. Which is good on bad days.

3. Bedside Table

On the same note, on the other side of my bed. I have a bedside table with three drawers. It’s the same concept, to know where everything is and to make life convenient. Because I never have the

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