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New Year Resolution Quotes to Give You a Boost

Are you looking for inspiring New Year resolution quotes? If yes—this is the article for you. We have collected and compiled the most popular quotes associated with New Year’s resolutions.  

Tips to Make New Year Resolutions

People are often excited about setting their New Year resolutions but it quickly fades. After a few months, a lot of people have even forgotten what their resolutions were.

However, if you are willing and committed to finding the right resolution for you, we can help. Here are a few quick tips to create New Year’s resolutions you will stick to.

Just Focus on One Thing

It is nearly impossible to change your whole life at once. Instead, identify one specific area of your life that requires improvement. This will help you understand what change you want to make for the new year. You can start on another one when you have successfully completed that resolution.

Plan Ahead of Time 

When making a New Year’s resolution, try to be vigilant, as you need to keep an eye on the challenges ahead. Ignorance of the challenges ahead can serve as the major cause of failure. To be successful, you have to foresee the time and plan ahead. As a result, you can collect the required resources that are necessary for your success.

Don’t Overlook the Problems

Reaching a goal is never easy, as you would come across all sorts of problems. However, you need to act prudently and consider each problem as a hurdle between you and your goal. So, don’t overlook a problem, no matter how small it is. The best way to counter a problem is to anticipate it and devise a strategy to overcome it.

Keep a Track of Your Progress

This is the most essential factor to consider when on a journey towards a successful new year resolution. To make

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nodded again.Sara started off as a shot put competitor, but spent every single afternoon running and training with the rest of the track team.  She was very competitive, and by the end of our freshman year she was down to 219 pounds.  She also won 2nd place in the countywide shot put tournament that year.  Three years later, during our senior year, she won 3rd place in the 10K run.  Her competitive weight at the time was 132 pounds.There was a time when Sara was convinced that it was impossible to lose weight because, in her past experience, it had never worked out the way she had hoped.  She had completely lost faith in herself.  But, with consistency—with a daily ritual of trying again and again—she restored her faith and achieved the “impossible.”  And when Sara showed up to my 37th birthday (pool) party and BBQ recently, I smiled when I overheard another guest she just met compliment her on her bathing suit and physique.Of course, Sara still works really hard—she tries again—every single day to maintain what she has achieved.And, so do I…Some people get this idea about me, because I’m a New York Times bestselling author who has spent the past decade writing and teaching people how to create more success and happiness in their lives, that I don’t ever fall short and fail miserably in these areas.  But of course, I’m human, so that’s not true at all.  I fall short and fail at things much more than you might imagine, and certainly far more than I’d often like to admit.  And, it feels just as horrible for me as it does for you or anyone else—I absolutely lose faith in myself sometimes.Deep down, of course, I know these negative reactions aren’t helpful.  So I own up to what happened, learn a lesson or two, and then get