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50 Louis C.K. Quotes About Life and Comedy

We hope you enjoy these Louis C.K. quotes about life, parenthood, and comedy.

Louis C.K. was born in Washington, D.C., but he grew up in his father’s native country of Mexico. When C.K. was seven, his family moved back to the U.S. and C.K. began learning English. He has said that he has now forgotten much of the Spanish he knew as his first language.

C.K. began his comedy career at the age of 17 when he directed a short film titled, Trash Day. A year later, he made his first attempt at stand-up, but he didn’t have enough material to fill the time the club had given him. The experience left him not wanting to try comedy again for another two years.

In 1993, C.K.’s comedy career took off after he was hired as a writer for Late Night With

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