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How To Find The Motivation To Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes?

It’s easy to set resolutions, make plans in favor of healthy lifestyle changes, and even take the first few steps, but most people falter as it gets tougher, or when faced with a setback. 

As the initial excitement wears off, our brains do everything in their power for a quick retreat to the status quo, where there’s comfort in instant gratification, when compared to long term discipline and regulation.

Motivation has long been considered a fleeting feeling, something that wears off when not provided with a steady succession of achievements and accomplishments. As a result, successfully sticking to healthy lifestyle changes requires an extensive reward mechanism to keep the dopamine hits flowing. (1)

1. Start With Why 

In a world filled with reasons on why not to do something, individuals require a firm guiding light to stay on course when the going gets tough. Being clear and firm as to why you’re striving for a healthier lifestyle provides an anchor to keep you steady, even in the face of tumultuous storms.

While this is a simple exercise, most people fail to understand the core driving force behind their own motivations. The right answers shouldn’t be on the lines of “because I want to be healthy,” but something more concrete such as “because I want to live long enough to see my grandkids,” or “I don’t want to be a burden on my family as I age.”

2. Seek Inspiration

There is no shortage of ‘inspiration porn’ on the internet, with dozens of before and after pictures, and stories of overcoming the odds. While some might consider this a frivolous waste of time, being witness to the light at the end of the tunnel, is a sure-fire way to keep going.

Seeking inspiration is also a great way to generate ideas, with the

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