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50 Mama Bear Quotes About Not Messing With Someone’s Kids

These mama bear quotes explain a mother’s instinct, love, and protective nature.

Some of them are also cute and funny and perfect for Instagram!

Human mothers are often referred to as mama bears, especially when they are extra protective of their children.

Are mother bears really one of the most protective animal mom’s?

Well, according to science it depends on the type of bear.

Black bears are much less likely to attack—even when their young are threatened.

Studies by Al Erickson and Lynn Rogers both seemed to conclude that a black bear would abandon their young if the cub was captured in their presence.

Now, personally, I would not test this theory. It is always good practice to never get between an animal and her offspring.

While the black bear might not become overly aggressive and attempt to eat your face, the same can not be said about a grizzly bear mama.

This one, you definitely do not want to encounter.

Obviously, grizzlies are a more violent bear to begin with, but throw in a cub, and you are about to have a very bad day.

The grizzly bear is a fierce and brutal animal, and an angry mama will show these traits in spades!

According to, 70% of human deaths attributed to grizzly bears is due to a mother grizzly bear defending her cubs. 

Keep reading through these mama bear quotes to learn more!

Mama Bear quotes for Instagram

These mama bear quotes are the perfect Instagram post when matched with a picture. Which one would you use as a post?

1. “They call me Mama Bear!” — Unknown

2. “Mama Bear Mode: Activate.” — Unknown

3. “Caution: Mama Bear on duty!” — Unknown

4. “Don’t mess with Mama Bear’s cubs.” — Unknown

5. “One does simply anger Mama Bear!” — Unknown

6. “Don’t make me go Mama Bear on your

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Bear Mode

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