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How 'Freedom Day' Feels as Someone With Chronic Illness in the U.K.

Monday 19 July was “Freedom Day” in England. Masks will be tossed aside, people will huddle together once more and, as if no time has passed, people will return to a form of normality we have all longed for.

But this isn’t the case for many people. Particularly, people who are vulnerable like me.

For those identified as clinically extremely vulnerable, the 19th of July signifies a day of dread.

Our freedom is taken away recklessly by a government that has continually failed us. It is taken away by people who would rather remove the mild discomfort of covering their face than think of others. It is taken by pure, unabashed selfishness.

While everyone was wearing a mask and socially distancing, I felt a new sense of confidence when I left the

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