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4 Life Lessons You Will Gradually Learn as You Let Go of the Past

If somebody is working on themselves and changing for the better, it’s unnecessary to keep bringing up their past. People can change and grow. You know that’s true.

But have you given yourself a fair chance to change and grow, too?Have you consciously loosened your grip on what’s behind you, so you can step forward again with grace?If you’re shaking your head, you aren’t alone. At times we all fall victim to our attachments. We simply don’t realize how often we block our own present blessings by holding on to the past.Thus, it’s time for a quick true story about life and letting go…She rarely makes eye contact.

Instead, she looks down at the ground. Because the ground is safer. Because unlike people, it expects nothing in return.

She doesn’t have to feel ashamed about her past. The ground just accepts her for who she is right now.As she sits at the bar next to me, she stares down at her vodka tonic, and then the ground, and then her vodka tonic. “Most people don’t get me,” she says.

“They ask me questions like, ‘What’s your problem?’ or ‘Were you beaten as a child?’ But I never respond. Because I don’t feel like explaining myself. And I don’t think they really care anyway.”Just then, a young man sits down at the bar on the opposite side of her.

He’s a little drunk, and says, “You’re pretty. May I buy you a drink?” She stays silent and looks back down at the ground. After an awkward moment, he accepts the rejection, gets up, and walks away.“Would you prefer that I leave too?” I ask.

“No,” she says without glancing upward. “But I could use some fresh air. You don’t have to come, but you can if you want to.” I follow her outside and we sit on a street curb in front of the bar.“Brrr… it’s a really chilly night!”“Tell me

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